Competitive Strategy for B2B SaaS

Our industry is struggling to transform strategic investment into pipeline and revenue. We rely on funnel analysis to develop strategic plans, but fail to differentiate from competitors in a meaningful way. Categories are maturing faster than ever, making our traditional approaches to go-to-market execution less effective.

It’s time for a return to the fundamentals.

Misapplication of funnel analysis is causing B2B SaaS companies to fundamentally misunderstand their target market. The end result is a disconnect between upper funnel marketing and sales efforts and lower funnel revenue outcomes that is difficult for performance teams to diagnose and fix.

Tony Flores
Founder, Growth Science

We help B2B SaaS companies gain competitive advantage
(Even those in crowded, mature categories)

Competitive Strategy

Category leadership, category creation, or segmentation. Which is the best to pursue in light of your company’s resources and capabilities (and those of your competitors)? The only way to tell is through an analysis of customer needs driven by market research. Growth Science will help you discover opportunities for meaningful differentiation from competitors, and then select the best broad competitive strategy to guide your go-to-market execution.

Organizational Alignment

Competitive advantage is not earned once and maintained forever. Competitive advantage requires ongoing investment into supporting target customer outcomes in ways that are difficult or (preferably) impossible for competitors to replicate. Growth Science will help you develop strategic objectives, departmental key results, go-to-market tactics, and focus metrics that will help translate your broad competitive strategy into action steps that maximize each department’s contribution to your firm’s overall competitive advantage.

Balanced Execution Support

Properly balanced execution across all go-to-market efforts maximizes campaign runway and minimizes wasted spend. Unfortunately, many go-to-market agencies that align with B2B SaaS revenue outcomes are heavily overserving their clients’ execution needs, unnecessarily shortening runway and further contributing to the disconnect between optimization efforts and revenue outcomes plaguing B2B SaaS today. Growth Science offers go-to-market support that provides a better balance between execution, analysis, strategic contribution, and pricing.

Services designed specifically for early- to mid-stage B2B SaaS in growth mode

Market Research & Competitive Strategy

  • Internal, customer, and competitive research
  • Objectives, key results, tactics, focus metrics
  • Strategy presentations and 1:1 departmental support


Paid Social

$15,000 / campaign
($5,000 / month for 3 months)

Paid Search

$9,000 / campaign
($3,000 / month for 3 months)

Strategic Program Implementation

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